Seminar Title Speaker
(Almost) Everything You Know About Brewing History Is Wrong Randy Mosher
2015 State of the Homebrew Industry Bart Watson Jake Keeler Steve Parr
A Contrast and Comparison of the Many Variations of India Pale Ale Mitch Steele
Avoiding a D-bomb: A Key to Understanding Diacetyl Kara Taylor
Beer Clarity, In Depth Brad Smith
Berliner and Beyond: Sour Mashing and Its Applications Derek Springer
Best Practices in Homebrew Retail Chris Opela Juno Choi Larry Clouser
Blurring the Style Guidelines: Brewing Great, Mixed-Style Beers Peter Zien
Brewing Session Beer Andrew Mitchell
Brewing with Coffee: Approaches & Techniques from Dry-Beaning to Home Roasting Amy Krone Jacob McKean Michael Tonsmeire
Brewing With Experimental Hops: A New Hop Variety Just For Homebrewers Jason Perrault Karl Vanevenhoven Vinnie Cilurzo
Bridging the Gender Gap: Women Debbie Cerda Florencia "Popy" Fouch Kim Wood
Bringing the Brewery Home Jason Oliver Warren Haskell
Confessions of a Celebrity Hop Variety: How Did I End Up Beer? Pat Purcell
Continuing the Revolution: Taking Your Cider Making To The Next Level Stan Sisson
Crafting Cellarworthy Beers Patrick Dawson
Czech Lagers: History, Brewing, Judging Bob Hall Randy Scorby
Does Your Fermenter Affect Your Beer? Bob Sandage Phil Farrell
Examining the Hybrid Homebrew Shop Business Model George Thornton Gisela Claassen Jeff Jameson Marcus Bezuhly
Fermenting Mead with Ale Yeasts Frank Golbeck Maurey Fletcher
From 5 to 5,000 Gallons: What to Look for in a Brewery Space Scott Katzer
Hands-On Activities to Help You Master Beer Styles Ray Daniels
Homebrew Club Insurance Program Luke Dobrich
Homebrew Toxicology: Debunking the Hidden Dangers of Chemicals in Your Brew System Paul Hanlon
Hops: Grow and Enjoy Your Own Sean Gardinier
Hosting Cask Ale Events Randy Baril
How to Brew, Blend and Maintain an Acid Beer Jeff Crane
In Pursuit of Perfection: Hefeweizen Project Paula Cartwright
Intro to Professional Brewing Quality Assurance Rick Blankemeier
Introduction to Experimentation Denny Conn Drew Beechum
Keynote Address Tomme Arthur
Kilned Versus Roasted: Do You Really Know Your Specialty Malt? David Richter
Making Enzymes Work For You Randy Scorby
Malt John Mallett
Managing Yeast: Better Fermentation at Lower Cost Jamil Zainasheff
Mastering the Art of Hop-Fu! Kelsey McNair
Mead Panel Curt Stock Ken Schramm Michael Fairbrother Ryan Chaytor Steve Piatz
Mead: Recipe Formulation and Advanced Techniques Steve Piatz
Ménage à Myces: Blended Yeast Fermentation Chris White
Modern Homebrew Recipes Gordon Strong
Motivating Club Member Participation Lauren & Joe Domm
Nitro Draught for the Homebrewer Juice Drapeau
Organized CHAOS: Taking Your Club to the Next Level Dave Williams Ken Getty Lucas Morris
Panel on Regulatory Climate for Homebrewers Craig Hendry Gary Glass Tom McCormick
Panel: Taking Homebrewing to the Pro Level, From Concept and Design Through Opening Curtis Chism Dustin Hauck Kelsey McNair Paul Sangster
Practical Blending and Post-Fermentation Adjustments for the Homebrewer Kyle Kohlmorgen
Selecting Yeast Based on Strain Characteristics and Applying Environmental Conditions to Promote Flavor and Aroma Production Kevin Lane
Send In the Clones: Sensory Analysis and Recipe FormulationTechniques for Homebrewers Amahl Turczyn
Sensory and Flavor Training for Brewers Pat Fahey
Taking Funky Beers from Homebrew to Pro Peter Perrecone
Tasting Beyond the Scoresheet Rich Higgins
The Beginnings of Beer in the Ancient World Travis Rupp
The Nuts and Bolts of Store Design for Homebrew Retailers Jeff Grant
Thinking of Going Pro? You Must Understand How to Make Money Making Beer Sam Holloway
Tips on How to Homebrew Lagers Jason Pratt
What a Proper Pairing Can Do for Your Beer Adam Dulye Greg Brown Sean Clark
Why Good Tasting Water Can’t Guarantee You Great Beer Martin Brungard
Wild and Spontaneous Fermentation at Home James Howat