Club Night

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Homebrew Con Club Night

Are you coming to the biggest homebrew party of the year? Of course you are!

Club Night is “The Party” not to be missed! Club Night at the AHA National Homebrewers Conference has a history of showcasing some of the finest homebrews from our amazing community of homebrewers. You won’t want to miss it.

Many clubs develop their booth around a theme. Be creative and if you look silly, don’t worry the club next to you will look even sillier. Most bar owners would drool over these tap systems, and the costumes are not to be missed. If you are not into decorating or looking goofy, but want to share your beer, you are just as welcome.

Participating in Club Night does not secure you or your fellow club members a spot at the conference, please register for the conference to attend. Club sign-ups closed May 10, 2016.