Club Night

Friday, June 29

7:30 pm – 11:00 pm

Club Night is “The Party” not to be missed! Club Night has a history of showcasing some of the finest homebrews from our amazing community of homebrewers.

Many clubs develop their booth around a theme. Be creative and if you look silly, don’t worry the club next to you will look even sillier. Most bar owners would drool over these tap systems, and the costumes are not to be missed. If you are not into decorating or looking goofy, but want to share your beer, you are just as welcome.

Participating in Club Night does not secure you or your fellow club members a spot at the conference, please register for the conference to attend.

Club Night Participants

Club Night Guidelines

Club City/State Booth #
Austin Zealots Austin, TX 1319
Beer Renegades of Everett Washington (BREW) Everett, WA 1420
Bellingham Homebrewers Guild Bellingham, WA 1418
Brewers of the Gorge (B.O.G.) Hood River, OR 1421
Browns Point Homebrew Club Tacoma, WA 1419
Cascade Brewers Society Eugene, OR 1520
Cascadia Brewers Alliance Vancouver, WA 1519
Central Oregon Homebrewers Organization Bend, OR 1518
Diablo Order of Zymiracle Enthusiasts (DOZE) Walnut Creek, CA 1303
Foothill Spargers Homebrewers Silverton, OR 1620
Greater Everett Brewers League Everett, WA 1402
Heart of the Valley Homebrewers Corvallis, OR 1403
Hop Barley and the Alers Boulder, CO 1403
Impaling Alers Renton, WA 1618
Inland Brewers Unite Spokane, WA 1621
Inner West Sydney Homebrewers Sydney, Australia 1619
Lauter Day Brewers Salt Lake City, UT 1720
Mad Zymurgists Livermore, CA 1311
Malheur Mashers Ontario, OR 1718
Maltose Falcons Los Angeles, CA 1502
Mt Si Brewing Society Snoqualmie, WA 1721
North Olympic Brewers Guild Port Angeles, WA 1719
North Seattle Homebrewers Seattle, WA 1820
Oregon Brew Crew Portland, OR 1802
PDXBrewer’s Homebrew Club Portland, OR 1703
Portland Brewers Collective Portland, OR 1818
Quality Ale and Fermentation Fraternity (QUAFF) San Diego, CA 1711
Rat City Homebrewers Seattle, WA 1313
San Francisco Homebrewers Guild (SFHG) San Francisco, CA 1412
South Sound Suds Society Olympia, WA 1513
Southern Nevada Ale Fermenters Union (SNAFU) Las Vegas, NV 1511
Strand Brewers Club Torrance, CA 1712
TCHOPS Tulare County, CA 1612
The Great White North, eh! Various Locations – Canada 1610
The Headquarters Campbell, CA 1613
Ventura Independent Beer Enthusiasts (VIBE) Ventura, CA 1611
West Sound Brewers Bremerton, WA 1710
Whidbey Island Zymurgy Assn (WIZA) Oak Harbor, WA 1713
Wizards of Williams Williams, OR 1812
Worts of Wisdom Silicon Valley, CA 1410
Zero Tolerance Gluten Free Homebrew Club Portland, OR 1810